Stop wasting your life — know when to sell your company

Following our $1B Think3 fund announcement at SaaStr Annual — numerous Founders that couldn’t make our session have asked for us to post our material and describe our model further. 


Think3 is a new $1B fund that wants to buy up SaaS startups so founders can go out to build again

We all know about the unicorns of the startup world — fast-growing companies that appear to be on the road (or have already arrived at) valuations of $1 billion or more — and we hear a lot about the unfortunate ones that either run out of money or fail for another reason....


What are typical vesting schedules and terms for founders after an acquisition (ie, negotiated by the acquirer) in internet startups?

The “post-acquisition” vesting periods have lengthened over the past years.

Acquirers these days typically want key founders to stay at least 2 years, and often 3...